Reflecting on 7 Years of Running CANVAS Style

This month I’m reflecting on 7 years of business. Since it’s lucky number 7 for Canvas Style I thought I’d share with all of you, 7 things I’ve learned over the years with some helpful tips and a few of my favorites for getting business done in style. 

1. A Formal Thank-You Note Goes a Long Way

Manners should never be forgotten, especially in business. A good thank you note starts with beautiful stationery. Some of my favorite brands for stationery include; Mary Catherine Studio, Giddy Paperie and WH Hostess

CANVAS Style stationery, custom thank you notes

2. Networking is Always Important

No matter how busy or big you get, always make networking a priority. I’ve found great value in groups like The Southern C, The New England Coastal Creative and Lydia Menzie’s Supper Club. They all are great for making business connections and lifelong friendships.

Photos of Canvas Style CEO Michelle Shaw at Lydia Menzies Supper Club and The Southern C Summit 2022

3. Staying Organized is Key to Success

Whether it’s with a physical written planner like Emily Ley’s gorgeous ones or technology that helps our team stay on the same page. Some apps and programs I rely on are keeping a running list of ideas in my Notes app and collaborating with my team in Asana.

Canvas Style founder Michelle Shaw working at desk, Emily Ley planner

4. Never Stop Getting Inspired

I fuel up on inspiration during trips with my family, like the trip we just took to Europe over the summer. I also find inspiration from other entrepreneurs by listening to podcasts like The Happy Hostess, The Preppy Podcast and The Angie Avard Turner Show


Photos of Canvas Style founders Davin and Michelle Shaw traveling through Europe, Michelle Shaw with Preppy Podcast host Patricia Maristch & Angela Avard Turner Show host Angie Avard Turner, photo of Michelle Shaw with Happy Hostess Podcast host

5. Carve Out a Creative Space for Yourself

My home office is my happy place. It is decorated beautifully and with some of my favorite things, making it the perfect place to go when I need to crank out our catalog for hours.

home office space

6. Help Others

As with life, giving back is so important and fulfilling. I always make sure we donate profits to various charities throughout the year, give jewelry to others to brighten their day and offer advice to others needing guidance in business. 


7. Always Look on the Bright Side

Even when I was a little girl, I’ve always seen the glass half full and searched for the best in people. When things get tough it always benefits me to have an upbeat attitude, not be afraid to laugh at myself and keep a smile on my face.

Michelle Shaw and daughter Madeline Shaw
January 02, 2023 — Michelle Shaw