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Earrings have always been an easy choice to spice up your look before heading out the door. As such a huge trend, CANVAS has curated a collection of must-have pieces that you simply cannot miss. Browse our selection of trendy earrings and discover elegant drop earrings, unique geometric styles, bold statement pieces like triple hoop earrings, and so much more!

High Quality Earrings

CANVAS has always focused on providing beautiful, high quality earrings at an amazing price. We’re filling a niche in the fashion earring market by offering women everywhere nickel free, gold tone jewelry with gemstones, wood, and natural fibers ー all with a price tag that makes your wallet happy. Each pair of our trendy earrings is thoughtfully designed to ensure you have on-trend pieces to wear for any occasion.

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CANVAS carries a number of different styles and designs for you to discover. Explore an array of options including:

You will definitely find a match made in style heaven that is perfect for everything from date nights with your significant other and work events with peers to casual brunch days with friends or family events on the holidays.

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At CANVAS, our mission is to bring you the most popular earrings of the season. Every month, we dive into what’s new on the runway and design our own take on fashion favorites. You won’t find earrings like these anywhere else! We bring you something new and exciting every single day of the year.

Shop our unique collections to find casual glamor, sparkling styles, and other pieces that speak to you!