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From simple, everyday pieces to on-trend Statement-Makers, CANVAS helps you define your style with effortless grace. Our unique fashion jewelry brightens up your essentials and elevates your look. Explore our collection to find trendy necklaces you can’t live without.

Style and Selection

For women’s fashion necklaces that you simply can’t resist, the CANVAS collection has plenty to discover. We have seasonal styles that are always changing as well as classics that every woman needs in her jewelry box.

From mixed media with leather and metal to charm necklaces with moons, stars, and crosses, there’s something for everyone in our store. Our fashion jewelry necklaces include:

Materials and Quality

All of our fashion jewelry necklaces are completely nickel-free for your safety. Our jewelry is made of zinc and comes in both gold and silver tones. We also love creating mixed media pieces with metal that complements natural stones, leather, Japanese tila beads, faux leather, and more.

At CANVAS, we’re bringing you premium quality selections that are made to last. To find affordable, trendy necklaces that work with a variety of earrings and bracelets, browse our selection of necklaces today.