Your Halloween, Styled To Perfection!

October 15, 2021

CANVAS Curated Collection of Bali Bracelets, Lelani Bracelets and Necklaces in Halloween Colors

A Fashionable Guide To A Spectacular Halloween

To be honest, I don't love dressing up in costume for Halloween.  I'd much rather put my time & energy into my daughter's Halloween costume (she's 9) and creating a Spooktacular (more spectacular than spooky) tablescape, mantel, and fun party with cute snacks!  With that being said, I still want to be "festively" put together, so I accessorize my look with a "Halloween" stack of our CANVAS Bali Bracelets & a fun witch hat headband!


Halloween mantel decoration; black, pink, purple Bali Freshwater Pearl Silicon Bracelets


Trick-Or-Treating Made Easy & Stylish

This fun little "Boo" bag is the perfect size for a night of Trick-or-Treating ... just large enough to fit your phone, a flashlight & a tube of lipstick, but not so large you're going to get "spooked" into carrying everyone else's stuff (Moms - you know what I'm talking about)!

Halloween fashion jewelry; Black, Orange & White Resin Stretch Bracelet Stack; Black, White & Orange Silicone Pearl Bracelet Stack
Fun & Festive Halloween Party Foods

For the adults, top a bit of chilled Jackson Morgan Whipped Orange Cream liqueur with a whipped cream "ghost" with googly eyes.  To take it up a notch, serve them in vintage Champagne coupes!  The kiddos will love these cute Oreo Cookie Spiders (Double Stuffed Oreos, pretzel sticks & googly eyes) and adorably-decorated Halloween cookies.  And, no Halloween is complete without Candy Corn, period!  Order a few gourmet pizzas from your favorite local pizzeria and you have a party!


Halloween treat ideas; Oreo spiders; candy corn board


Expand Your Halloween Color Palette

I love the idea of incorporating purple and fuchsia into your Halloween decor for a less scary and more contemporary look.  In fact, CANVAS has a Bali Bracelet stack for that, too!

Halloween decor; Black, Pink & Purple Bali Freshwater Pearl Silicone Bracelet Stack

Fairytale Pumpkins & Bracelet Stacks

Again, I prefer the "cuter" side of Halloween, so I 💕 this CANVAS Bali Bracelet stack of Light Pink, White & Cantaloupe ... blends perfectly with my favorite fairytale pumpkins! Get more ideas and shop our Halloween styles now.

Pumpkin photo; Light Pink, White, Cantaloupe Bali Freshwater Pearl Silicone Bracelet

Our Favorite Vendors For A Spooktacular Halloween Celebration

CANVAS Bali & Lelani Bracelet Stacks in Black, Orange & White for Halloween

On-trend, contemporary fashion jewelry 

Jackson Morgan Souther Cream

Whipped Orange Cream Liqueur

Breck & Grier Mini "Boo" Bag

Mini "Boo" Bag

Elizabeth Wilson Designs

Patti Lynn Top in Seersucker Stripe



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