We were so excited to get the chance to chat with For Pete's Sake Pottery's Susan Brown ahead of the launch of our collaboration CANVAS Style x For Pete's Sake Pottery last month. She shared all about where her love of the Kentucky Derby and the inspiration behind the designs for the collection. 

1. How/when did you start For Pete’s Sake Pottery?
I started to paint again when I decided to stay home with our baby, Pete. It started as a way to make extra money and blossomed into a passion.

2. What was your first Derby piece? Which is your favorite and what is your bestseller?
My first Derby creation was a jockey silk wreath for my Mother. I sold these for years. My best seller for Derby has always been the jockey silk door hanger. My favorite pieces are my blue “at the Races” collection.

3. Why do you love living in Kentucky?
It is home. My family is here and I love that we are a Southern minded state.

For Pete's Sake Pottery Canvas Style Jewelry Collaboration, Derby Jewelry, Jockey Silk Earrings
4. How was it designing jewelry with Canvas Style? Which is your favorite piece?
It has been such an amazing treat! Working with Michele and Davin has been so wonderful. They are so kind and being able to bring my Derby designs to accessories is a dream come true.

I personally love the blue Chinoiserie silk. I love blue and the pearls are the perfect accent.

5. What are your best tips for throwing a Derby party?
Have fun. Use all your favorite horse decorations. Bright colors and good food are the staples to a good party. Even though the Derby race is around 6pm, a good Derby party lasts all day.

6. What are some must see places for someone visiting Kentucky? 
Our personal favorites are Churchill Downs, The Frazier Historical Museum, The Louisville Slugger Museum and the Muhammad Ali Museum. Of course, any of our Bourbon Trails are a must do.

For even more with Susan, be sure to check out our Instagram live we did to celebrate the launch.
And don't forget to shop our limited-edition collaboration before Derby day!
February 17, 2023 — Michelle Shaw