Coastal Grandmother Style with CANVAS Style

May 21, 2022

Coastal Grandmother Style with CANVAS Style

There is a new viral trend in town, it is called the Coastal Grandmother! Wondering what this fashion trend is all about? And, most importantly, how to get it? Keep reading as we explain what exactly what is a Coastal Grandmother, as well as give you some inspiration on how to achieve it.

Spoiler Alert: You do not have to be a grandmother or live at the coast to achieve this new aesthetic! 

If you like neutrals, comfortable silhouettes, linen garments, and raffia, then you might be a Coastal Grandmother! Coastal Grandmother is a lifestyle-trend-turned-fashion-aesthetic that draws inspiration from Nancy Meyers' films and "a day at the coast" state of mind. The term was coined by 

TikToker Lex Nicoleta. 

Reasons why we love this new trend; it is easy to achieve, it is perfect for the summer, and we will take any excuse to unleash our inner grandmother! Usually we do not jump on trends, particularly not the comeback of the tube tops and low rise jeans. However with the Coastal Grandmothers look we are all too happy to oblige. Let's just say you had us at "comfortable silhouettes." 

To help achieve this look, we have pulled together some inspiration; and because no Coastal Grandmother would be complete with out some effortlessly chic jewelry, we have even coupled these looks with CANVAS Style Jewelry! 

1.Earrings 2.Earrings 3.Necklace 4.Bracelet 

We love the neutrals in the above look and added the darker raffia to add a contrasting color. No Coastal Grandmother would be caught without a sun hat and a practical tote; perfect for carrying fresh flowers, groceries, or heading to lunch. 

1.Earrings 2.Earrings 3.Necklace 4.Bracelets

We mentioned you do not need to be at the coast to achieve this aesthetic, but it doesn't hurt. If you live somewhere where it gets cooler in the evenings you might want to opt for a linen trouser and a shawl. We love welcoming shades of blue to any Coastal Grandmother look. 


1.Earrings 2.Bracelet 3.Necklace 4.Bracelets

Every Coastal Grandmother need a white linen dress, it is practically the uniform! Add accents of gold and raffia to take this look from lunch to dinner. Keep a sweater handy to drape over your shoulders to tie this all together. 


1.Earrings 2.Necklace 3.Earrings 4.Bracelets

 We love a good crisp button down, and this blue strip shirt is no exception. Loose button downs are essential for the Coastal Grandmother trend, and can easily be paired with shorts or pants. Just looking at this outfit makes us want to enjoy a glass of wine in the coastal sunshine.  

1.Earrings 2.Neckalce 3.Earrings 4.Bracelet

And last but not least, cream and white are such a fun combo for the aspiring Coastal Grandmother. We have paired this chic look with some white, gold, and raffia jewelry. 

Who is ready to be get behind the Coastal Grandmother trend? 🙋‍♀️


Love, The CANVAS Style Girl & Wendell the Goldendoodle 

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