The Sport Everyone is Talking About

Did you know pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the United States right now? It is all the rage, we even launched a pickleball earring collection by popular request! 

The History of the Sport

However, this sport may be older than you think! It was started in the summer of 1965 when two men were looking for something to play after a round of golf. They found an old badminton court but couldn’t find the proper equipment so improvised with table tennis paddles and a perforated plastic ball. After a few adjustments, practice and established playing rules, pickleball was born!

What's in a Name?

As for the name? There’s some debate… it was either named after one of the founder’s dogs, Pickles or after the pickle boat in crew.
Canvas Style Pickleball Earrings

Style on & off the Court

As with any hobby, it’s all about your style. Some of our favorite pickleball clothing is from Addison Bay with their fun printed dresses and skorts in bright colors and Club & Court with their preppy, classics. We love Tangerine Paddles that are colorful with their classic stripes and be sure to checkout accessories from Sprinkled with Pink Shop and bags from The Preppy Stitch. Complete your outfit (and game) with our pickleball earrings!
May 18, 2023 — Michelle Shaw