CANVAS Style is a Woman-Owned, contemporary lifestyle brand created for the modern woman who seeks effortless style. Each piece is designed by our in-house team, striking a balance of on-trend styles and updated classics that take you from weekday to weekend – perfect for us girls on the go! 

At CANVAS Style, it’s our goal to help you Define Your Style & Be Your Best Self whether you’re off to work, dropping the kids at school, having brunch with the girls or enjoying a date night.  We love what we do at CANVAS Style because we appreciate the power of Amazing Accessories.  It only takes a great pair of earrings, a killer bracelet stack, or your favorite Grab-&-Go necklace to completely change your mood, and ultimately, the course of your day. 

How does one look stylish with a rogue Cheerio stuck to the back of their head … Add a Fabulous Bracelet Stack
and Draw the Attention Elsewhere!!”

Of course, being a busy mom myself, I totally understand the struggle!  That’s why when I launched CANVAS Style a few years ago, I was adamant that our designs (and quality) were both On-Trend and Sophisticatedly Stylish … But also easy to Pair & Wear.  That’s where the “Effortless Style” comes in … our pieces must easily create Grab-&-Go Style, and pair well with most things in your closet, too!  I can’t think of a single piece in our line that wouldn’t look just as amazing paired with a simple white T-shirt & jeans, as it would paired with a more dressed-up ensemble.  Most days for me, if I can’t grab it & go in less than 20 seconds, it doesn’t get to go - My daughter can't be late to school because Mom can't find the "right" jewelry to wear!  It's got to be Easy, and at CANVAS Style, that's what we strive to create every day.

"Affordable, Guilt-Free Pricing … Another Big Reason our Customers Love Us!"