Stretch bracelets are versatile, timeless pieces you’ll want to wear again and again. They look amazing on their own, but they truly come to life when you stack them with others! Choose your favorite and turn heads wherever you go.

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Classic Statement Stretch Bracelets

Our stretch gemstone bracelets are delicately designed with smooth gemstones complemented by worn gold tones. They’re nickel-free, and they fit almost any wrist. Choose from an array of stunning gemstone options like jasper, sandstone, amazonite, and black quartz, or combine multiple stretch bracelets for a truly stunning look. These bracelets are flexible, comfortable, and made to last.


At CANVAS, we’re committed to providing exquisite designer jewelry that’s affordable, versatile, and always on the cutting edge of fine jewelry trends. Our stretch gemstone bracelets are no exception, and we’re pleased to share them with you. Shipping is just $5 for standard orders, and it’s free when you spend more than $50. Be sure to check back often, as our selection of affordable fine jewelry is constantly expanding to bring you all the latest fashion pieces. Contact us for more information!

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