Satin Metal Bangle Bracelets & Hoops

Never underestimate the power of jewelry! At CANVAS, we create timeless pieces — from updated classics to contemporary pieces — for the busy modern woman. From satin metal bangle bracelets to brushed gold hoops, CANVAS has the styles you need!

Statement Satin Metals

Get a polished modern look and feel with one of these stunning metal bangles and hoops. Featuring both gold and silver tones and boasting exquisite satin finish, these pieces add that indefinable something to your look. Suitable for both the day and night, stay chic in every situation with these amazing pieces, and make your style even more unique by layering multiple bracelets.

Show off your fabulous style. Arm yourself with one of our satin metal bangle bracelets. Dare to dazzle, and pair one of these bangles with your favorite dress. Be your best self and display sophisticated, effortless fashion inspired by our stunning jewelry.

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