Dare to Impress in Silver or Gold

Made in both worn gold and silver tones, these necklaces are fashion must-haves. Choose your favorite satin metal, and let your necklace do the rest of the talking. With a heavy, industrial feel and a classic elegance, these large chain-link necklaces are truly dazzling. For a more feminine touch, pair your chains with some modern pearls: these chunky chain necklaces are a daring choice, so don’t be afraid to add some bold layering pieces.

CANVAS Style loves to experiment with the interplay between modern trends and classic pieces, and these chunky chains are a perfect example. They certainly stand out, AND they’ll stand the test of time, revealing your chic, contemporary fashion sense. Never underestimate the power of timeless style. By the pool or in the city, you’ll get plenty of compliments when you wear these stunning pieces. Explore our collection of chunky chain necklaces and make the greatest impression of all.

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