Women’s Bangle Bracelets | Browse the Selection at CANVAS Now

Women’s Bangle Bracelets

Need some inspiration? Get ready to arm yourself with a fashionable stack of bangles. Mix and match our variety of styles to create a luxe look that fits your aesthetic. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or mixed media pieces, CANVAS has a huge inventory of items that can ensure you always look amazing! Browse our entire selection of women’s bangle bracelets today to add something new to your own collection.

Style and Selection

All our women’s bangle bracelets are non-flexible designs. While some have clasps that make them easy to put on, others are made to slip over your hand and onto your wrists. Each bracelet style has slightly different measurements that range between 2.5” to 2.68” in diameter.

You can find several styles of fashion jewelry bangle bracelets in our collection including:

  • Thick Arabella Single Bangle
  • Thin Isla Set of Three
  • Riley Clover Inspired Latch Bangle
  • Florence Beaded Latch Bangle
  • Brinkley Glass Latch Bangle

Our Brinkley collection of bangles is available in a number of different glass colors and shapes, so you can customize your selection. From midnight blue to rose pink, there are plenty of colors to effortlessly enhance your style.

Materials and Quality

CANVAS makes high-quality fashion jewelry from premium materials that are made to last. Each of our metal designs has a zinc base in gold and silver tones to ensure affordability and durability. Explore our collection of nickel-free women’s bangle bracelets today!