Canvas Style Trendsetter

Meet Our December Trendsetter

Each month, we're spotlighting one of our Canvas Style friends to let you meet & learn a bit more about some of the faces that pop up on our Instagram. They're answering our go-to ice-breaker questions and sharing some of their favorite Canvas Style pieces.

This month, we talked with Lundyn Nims from @lundynnims! We've loved getting to know Lundyn as she's modeled for some of our recent collections. Be sure to give her a follow!

Get to Know Lundyn

1. What is your go-to hostess gift to bring to a party?
I love giving something that is personalized (if I have time lol) whether that be monogrammed napkins, a serving tray, or decorative dish towels etc., but when I’m in a crunch my go to’s are either one of my favorite candles, or a good bottle of wine!

2. What’s your favorite cocktail?
My go-to cocktail is always a Moscow mule. I've tried to branch out, but nothing beats it!

3. What's your favorite place to travel? Where is the next place on your travel wishlist?
I love going to Rosemary Beach with my husband and / or family! Definitely one of our favorite spots we visit regularly. Also, I absolutely love going to New York during Christmas time!! Lol I am definitely due for a New York trip, but somewhere I haven’t been and have always wanted to visit is Napa Valley!

4. What is your favorite holiday to decorate for?
Of course Christmas is usually my #1, but my 2 year old daughter has the funniest obsession with Halloween, so that holiday is moving on up on my list!  

5. Any tips for hosting?
Ok loveee this question because hosting is one of my favorite things on earth! So hard to pick just one, but I would say to make sure your guests feel comfortable and don’t have to ask for anything. I try to have small bite sized appetizers, drinks, napkins, plates, etc. all set up upon arrival so they know they are welcome to help themselves! Oh and opt for nice towel napkins in the powder room that can be thrown away instead of a community hand towel (haha).

6. What are your current favorite Canvas Style pieces? 
Obsessed with the new watchband collection - I love mixing different metals here recently and Canvas Style nailed it with these pieces!