Canvas Style Trendsetter

Meet Our August Trendsetter

Each month, we're spotlighting one of our CANVAS Style friends to let you meet & learn a bit more about some of the faces that pop up on our Instagram. They're answering our go-to ice-breaker questions and sharing some of their favorite CANVAS Style pieces.

This month, we talked game day must-haves with Emma Kate Burg of @emmakateburg. We loved getting to know Emma when she modeled for our recent Game Day photoshoot & love her LSU game day style! Be sure to give her a follow!

Get to Know Emma

1. Tell us a little about you, what you're studying and where you go to school.
My name is Emma Kate Burg and I will be a senior at Louisiana State University studying Fashion with a focus in Merchandising! I am also a Phi Mu at LSU! Ever since I was a little girl I have loved playing dress up and all things fashion! This has led me into the career I now have today! I hope to move to a big city one day and pursue my career in the fashion industry. 

2. Give us one tip for dressing for game day.
Well, I have a few! Going to an SEC school for the last three years has taught me a lot about dressing for any kind of weather conditions. First, you have to carry a fan with you! Any portable fan is great for the heat we have in the South!

Another tip I have for game day is don't be afraid to go neutral! Don't get me wrong, I won't shy away from a purple rhinestone jacket, but sometimes it is fun to wear a neutral outfit and dress it up with accessories! Canvas Style has some pretty cute ones! ;)

The most important tip I have for dressing for game day is to wear comfortable shoes! There is nothing worse than having to leave a tailgate early because your feet hurt! I always pair my best game day outfit with a good pair of cowboy boots! These are a staple for any SEC game day!

Overall, just be you! My favorite part of game day is seeing how everyone expresses themselves through their outfits! 

3. What’s your favorite Canvas Style game day piece? 
My favorite Canvas Style game day piece would have to be the fun Tiger earrings! I love dressing up any game day outfit with a fun accessory, and these Tiger earrings are it!  

4. What game are you most excited for this year? 
I am SO excited about the Florida game this year! I always have the best memories from the Florida game and it is typically a day game, which I love. Day games are always so much fun because the weather is always perfect and we can celebrate the Tigers all day long! 

5. What are your favorite game day traditions?
Some of my favorite game day traditions are being together with my best friends before the game, getting ready together, and taking pictures! We always love listening to fun gameday music and spending time together celebrating our Tigers!