Behind The Collection: Chic Chinoiserie

May 11, 2021

Behind The Collection: Chic Chinoiserie

What Inspired Our Newest Blue & White Jewelry Collection 

As versatile as the décor that inspires them... our new collection of Chic Chinoiserie jewelry is full of on-trend pieces, perfect for the southern, contemporary, or coastal gal. 

Whether you’re flipping through an interior design magazine, browsing Instagram, or even attending a garden party, it’s undeniable that Chinoiserie designs are on the rise.

Blue & white painted porcelain beads, glass pearls, and our most popular worn gold ball bead and paperclip chain necklaces breathe new life into this timeless classic.

My Love for Chinoiserie

Over the years, I’ve developed a true love for using the classic blue & white designs throughout my home decor. The serene color palette, intricate patterns, and chic motifs have a way of drawing me in. 

So when I stumbled upon a window front full of Chinoiserie-inspired pieces, during our holiday trip to Aspen, it was an absolute no-brainer. Inspiration sparked, and knew I needed to marry my affinity for the designs and the seasonless trend into our newest collection. 

Blue and white Chinoiserie vasesMichelle Shaw in front of Chinoiserie storefrontChinoiserie tablescape

Exploring the Collection

I simplylove every piece in this collection, its versatility, and polished silhouettes truly capture the sophistication of the designs that inspire them. Paired with neutrals, pops of color, or even your favorite flower in your Sunday brunch tablescape -- you simply can’t go wrong with Chinoiserie.

Chinoiserie and ball bead drop earrings, Chinoiserie drip necklace in blue and whiteBlue and white chinoiserie stretch bracelets, link and chain bracelets, t-bar braceletBlue and white chinoiserie stretch bracelet, Chinoiserie t-bar necklace in blue and white

My goal with every collection is to create everyday pieces that offer easy, effortless style for the modern woman on the go. And this Chic Chinoiserie Collection is theepitome of our brand mission here at CANVAS.

I hope you feel as inspired (and excited) as I do, to introduce these thoughtful, versatile pieces into your Spring, Summer, or even Fall wardrobe.

-- Michelle 

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