A conversation with Leighton Newberry from Recruitment Ready

As we approach back to school and girls are thinking about Rush season, we wanted to chat with our go-to Rush expert, Leighton Newberry from Recruitment Ready. She shared some great insight around deciding to and preparing for Rush. Follow her on Instagram @recruitment.ready for even more great insight, and visit her website to learn more about her Recruitment Services.  

Tell us about Recruitment Ready and your services:
Recruitment Ready helps high-school girls and their mothers prepare for the sorority recruitment process at universities across the country. We offer private 1-1 sessions, style sessions, resume curation, online courses for success and much more.

We focus on who young girls are becoming as confident women in the process of working with us along the way. From what to say during sorority recruitment, what not to say, how to navigate social media and more, we give genuine care to our girls in each stage of the preparation process.

While, our business is primarily focused on sorority recruitment preparation, we also offer separate mentorship and etiquette 1-1 sessions for girls starting as young as freshman year, too! I am very passionate about equipping young girls to become the best, confident version of themselves while learning life skills during our time together.

How do you know if sorority life is a good fit for you? Any advice on who should try recruitment? Why should someone join?
If you are a social individual that enjoys meeting new people, gaining new experiences and giving back to the local community by raising money for worthy philanthropies, I would say Greek Life is a good fit for you!

I would recommend all incoming freshman girls give sorority recruitment a try. You will have the opportunity to meet tons of new friends, network with older girls, mentor younger girls, grow personally and professionally. You will have the opportunity to raise awareness for different philanthropic organizations and hold leadership positions. There are many positive qualities and aspects that come from the experience, I definitely recommend it!

What are some of your top tips for recruitment?
  1. Be yourself and be genuine. You don’t have to become someone you are not to get into a sorority. Be true to who you are and the right chapter will be made clear to you!
  2. Pack a “week of rush bag” to bring with you each day of recruitment. In your bag pack a personalized fan to keep you cool, breathe mints, oil blotters, lip stick and a journal for notes in between parties. Most large SEC schools conduct recruitment in the August heat. It’s important to stay cool, calm and collected so that you can focus on doing your best!
  3. Do not listen to stereotypes of chapters ahead of time. Most stereotypes are outdated or based on subjective opinion. Go in with an open mind and enjoy meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and making new college memories right from the beginning. The process seems long in the moment, but it will soon pass and you will have just embarked on such a fun four years ahead.
What are some of your favorite memories for your sorority time?
I was the social chair for my sorority at Auburn University and some of my favorite memories come from enjoying social events that I spent so much time planning and putting hard work into. It’s not easy hosting events for over 400 people as a college student, but I am grateful for the opportunity it gave me. I learned how to work hard, stay organized, plan ahead and host large events that I was very proud of. It was so much fun!

Another favorite memory comes from the events our chapter hosted to raise awareness for our philanthropy. My chapter’s philanthropy was Make-a-Wish and it was so rewarding to host events that raised money and awareness for such a worthy cause. We got to first-hand the impact our fundraising efforts were directed and I was constantly reminded of the positive result that can come from women working together for a greater good.

What's a tip for getting the most out of your college experience and recruitment?
I would encourage girls to travel with their new sorority sisters when they have the opportunity to do so! I came from out of state to Auburn where I hardly knew anyone ahead of time. I look back on such fondness after saying “yes” to weekend trips with my new sorority sisters.

One weekend in particular, we all flew to College Station for an Auburn vs. Texas A&M football game and it was SO much fun to make lasting memories with girls through travel. It enriched my college experience and I can’t recommend it enough.

What are some outfit ideas for recruitment with Canvas Style?
  1. Almost every University requires girls to wear a Panhellenic t-shirt during their recruitment week. It can be hard to make a t-shirt look cute, but Canvas Style has the perfect solution for upgrading the look! I would pair a statement earring for this round to stand out for success. The Claire Raffia Flower Pearl Drop Earrings would be perfect for this t-shirt round! 
  2. Another outfit idea that would be perfect for sorority recruitment is a sun dress for sisterhood round paired with the Jeanie Flower with Pearl drop earrings. I recommend girls wear a pop of color when they are picking their dresses to wear for recruitment and these adorable earrings would complement the look perfectly!
  3. Preference round is the last round before bid day. It’s the most formal round of recruitment and requires a cocktail dress and heels. I would pair the Renee Resin and Rhinestone hoop earrings (in any color) with this formal look. It would be the perfect way to represent yourself in a cute, classy and confident way to make a memorable statement in the best of ways!
What are some of your favorite Canvas Style pieces? 
  1. Jeanie Flower & Pearl Drop Earrings 
  2. Birdie Beaded Bow Earrings
  3. Theresa Pearl Multi Strand Necklace

We hope all the mothers & daughters prepping for recruitment all the best!

July 03, 2023 — Michelle Shaw