Project Halo | Boutique Earrings

Do you have a good sense of fashion and a beautiful soul? Find your new favorite jewelry with Project Halo, which gives 25% to charities. Express yourself with timeless jewelry that gives back to the community.

Contemporary Boutique Earrings

CANVAS creates jewelry that stands out and reveals the real woman inside you. Select pieces that showcase your complex personality. Quality and style are what set you apart, and we’ve curated a selection of earrings that helps you to express yourself. Find the best boutique earrings you love from the most unique designs around.

Discover statement jewelry that you can wear everyday, from the breakfast table, to the gym, to the office, and to the club for an evening out. A perfect addition to any wardrobe, these chic pieces will accentuate your favorite outfits. Check out our new collection of trendy earrings.

Discover Project Halo

Contribute to those in need when you participate in Project Halo. When you buy a piece of jewelry from this collection, we send 25% to charities that help the elderly, children and animals. Use your fashion to support great causes. Showcase your compassionate heart and stay trendy, too.

We make contemporary boutique earrings for the modern woman. Explore our collection of unique pieces like heart-shaped hoop earrings. We stay on top of all the latest trends, and we contribute to society. Want to show off your favorites? Let’s talk on Facebook and Instagram!