Trending now: hoop earrings! Created for the timeless elegance you want to exude every day, each hoop in our collection is made to effortlessly enhance your every ensemble. Shop our collection for the latest trends in Hoop Earring!

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Style and Selection

Our hoop earrings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. From medium hoop earrings to large statement drop hoop earrings, our collections have it all! Browse an earring selection that includes:

  • Snap Clasp Hoops
  • Open Hoop Designs
  • Drop Hoop Styles
  • Alternative Materials

Drop hoop earrings are a little different from traditional hoops. A traditional hoop fits one end of the circlet directly into your earlobe and curves around the back to meet for a completely closed or almost closed circle. The drop hoop design is an independent circle that dangles on a fish hook.

Materials and Quality

Our hoop earrings are among the most versatile styles in our jewelry collections. You can find solid metal pieces as well as a little sparkle applied in the druzy style, python leather embellishments, and faux mink fur accents. Shop the durable, high-quality earrings of your dreams at CANVAS now!