Baroque Pearl Bracelets

Slightly asymmetrical but as smooth as marble, baroque pearls provide a timeless and elegant touch. These colorful baroque pearl bracelets combine the classic grandeur of these gemstones with a trendy, bright ornamental band. Shop our colorful pearl jewelry today.

Baroque Pearl Jewelry for Every Fashion Sense

We have baroque pearl bracelets in over a dozen bold colors, including striking hues like fuchsia, magenta, and mint, as well as classic varieties like black and white. Each one of these flexible bracelets is 2.5 inches in diameter, and each color is guaranteed to impress.

These bracelets are also perfect for stacking. Choose all of your favorite styles, and wear them together in an endless variety of color arrangements. Or pair them with your favorite earrings or necklaces for a truly outstanding style. Shipping is free on orders over $50, so you’re rewarded for stocking up!

Order Your Baroque Pearl Jewelry From CANVAS

CANVAS is your source for the hottest styles at incredible prices. Everything is meticulously designed and crafted by industry-leading artisans in our exclusive studio, and we work tirelessly to provide all women with fashion-forward jewelry that looks incredible at any occasion. For the hard-working mom, the runway trendsetter, the busy entrepreneur—these bracelets are for you.

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